gm diet

Top 5 foods for Gm Diet followers

Cabbage : Cabbage is the most appreciated food for people who are on Gm Diet. Rich in fiber, potassium this vegetable is also a good source of Vitamin C. Apart from losing weight cabbage is known for its antioxidant property and is also considered healthy to fight against heart disease and cancer. Eggs: Eggs are highly nutritious and includes nutrients like… Read more →


GM Diet Plan

People nowadays are very much implicated about their physical fitness and maintaining shape for a fit figure. They dummy run all weight loss programs that have popped up as an attempt to lessen weight. Have you ever adopted any diet plan and tried to shrink pounds in short duration of time? The best option can be to pick a diet… Read more →

gm diet for wedding

GM Diet for a Perfect Wedding Look

If you want to look perfect for your wedding and are worried as how to lose weight in 10 days. Then GM Diet helps you in getting ready for the special occasion. GM Diet is an effective technique to lose those extra flabs from your body in as less as 7 days. A person on an average can shed more… Read more →


GM Diet for Non-Vegetarians

The GM diet for non-vegetarians is again a 7 day diet schedule that aims to decrease at least 10-17 pounds in a week’s time. The diet is based on the concept that food that is consumed in these 7 days helps people to burn calories rather than storing them. It also flushes all impurities and helps one detoxify the system…. Read more →


GM Diet – Indian version

One of the most popular diet fads followed by Indians across years is the GM diet that has been originally started by American Car Manufacturing Company. It has gained much popularity among Indians because of its vegetarian attributes. The Indian version does not differ much from its regular version, except for the intake of red flesh on the 5th and… Read more →

flat tummy

GM Diet – For Flat Tummy

People of today are keener on losing weight and maintain fit figure, the main reason for GM diet’s success with numerous followers is that GM diet sheds off weight within seven days and offers an excellent result with flat tummy. GM diet for flat stomach works out and has been proved, people realized that they have lost weight and experienced… Read more →

pregnancy diet

GM Diet post Pregnancy

When conversing about GM diet for pregnant women certain people are muddled about whether General Motors diet can be followed.The answer is no, pregnant women should avoid GM diet as it is a weight loss program which avoids various food items. Pregnant women are required to consume all categories of food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals to provide sufficient… Read more →

GM Diet - Food Chart

GM Diet – Food Chart

7 Days GM diet Chart: Follow the 7 Days GM Diet program to lose upto 10 pounds of weight from your body. Following a strict GM Diet schedule along with physical exercise to shed extra fat from your body and look slim and beautiful for ever. A healthy mind lies in healthy body and a healthy body can also be… Read more →


GM Diet – Meal Planner

GM diet is one of the quickest ways to shed off excess pounds in a natural way without side effects. The diet plan was mainly developed for employees and their dependents of General motors, a US based company. Permission was granted from the U.S department of Agriculture and also from the Food and Drug Administration department. The planner was also… Read more →

gm diet for veg

GM Diet for Vegetarians

GM diet is one of the most famed and practiced diet which has received fame due to its assured success. The world famous diet is a 7 days schedule developed by General motors of US mainly for their employee’s health status. The diet is tested and sanctioned by top authorities and being practiced by masses of people for weight loss…. Read more →